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Get the facts with Traffic Facts
Traffic facts provides detailed data that can help you target specific customers or create more effective offers.

Not every visit to your site results in a positive action or sale. But that doesn't mean you can't profit anyway! How? By learning about your visitors. That's why ttdesigns provides Web site statistics absolutely FREE with every Hosting and WebSite Tonight® account. But what if you want more detailed data that can help you target specific customers or create more effective offers? Then you need the power of Traffic Facts!

Get to know—really know—your customers.
With the vital data you get from Traffic Facts, every visit to your site tells a story! Traffic Facts helps you gather, manipulate and report the make-or-break data crucial to your site's success. Eliminate costly errors that might otherwise go undiscovered. Focus your offerings. And target new customers with a laser-like certainty.


Traffic Facts is the right tool at just the right time! Here's just some of what you get:

  • New! Get separate statistic reports for each Alias and Subdomain assigned to your primary domain—simply add them as separate Traffic Facts accounts.
  • New! Real Time Stats means you’ll stay in-the-know with stats that update every 30 minutes.
  • New! Conversion Tracking helps you determine if your online marketing efforts are giving you the proper return on investment.
  • Site Summary Information assembles your most critical Web statistics in one place for quick review.
  • Export the data you capture to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Get fast, easy access to your raw log files - and manipulate data for revealing results.
  • Choose from three graphing options: Bar, Area, and Line for at-a-glance conclusions.
  • Visit-path reporting tells you how customers navigate through your site.
  • Custom date ranges gives you down-to-the-minute answers.
  • And much, much more!

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